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Welcome to Cotswold Tree and Access. On this page you will be able to find an overview of the services offered by the team. Rupert and the team are always on the end of the phone / email and happy to help if you have any questions. CTA are fully qualified, equipped and insured to deal with all forms of tree surgery work. Their experience ranges from residential tree care to full scale commercial tree surgery. There is no job too big or too small and with Rupert's free quotation services it can’t hurt to find out a little more....

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If you have a tree that requires felling then please don't hesitate to call us and discuss the details. All tree work from Cotswold Tree & Access is carried out to a very high standard and we are extremely careful in our operation. We are a fully insured company that is fully equipped to fell and clear any tree.

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Crown Operations

Crown Thinning: This reduces the density of the tree's crown without changing the overall shape and size of the tree. Thinning reduces the amount of foliage and allows more light through the canopy or crown.

Crown Reductions: The tree crown is reduced by shortening branches, and so changes the overall size and shape of the tree. Reductions are usually carried out all round the outer parts of the crown to maintain a balanced shape, but seldom includes cutting through the main stem.

Crown Lifting: This means removing lower branches to increase the clearance between the ground and the crown. You will need to identify the branches you wish to remove, or specify a height above the ground you wish to ''lift' the crown.

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Site Clearance

Using the most up-to-date kit for the works, we can keep ahead of the game and keep costs low. Any job is considered. Please contact Cotswold Tree & Access for more information.

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Trimming & Reductions

Rupert and the team have years of experience of trimming, reshaping and reducing hedges. Using high tech access platforms there isn't a hedge out of reach.

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Hedge Removals

Our skilled staff can remove any hedge and clear the debris if required.

Stump Removals

A stump grinder or stump cutter is a tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood.A typical stump grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth. The cutter wheel movements are controlled by hydraulic cylinders to push the cutter head laterally through the stump and to raise and lower it.

Stump grinders come in a wide variety of size, depending on the size of the stump.

Please contact Rupert for more information and pricing.

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Tree Shear

Cotswold Tree & Access are using the latest in tree service technology. Our TMK tree shear is able to cut and grip tree branches, meaning that the the tree is able to be removed without having to 'drag' it away from the felling site. With our TMK tree shear we can cut up to 15 inches of wood, so it is perfect for pollarding willows and reducing leylandii trees.
We provide a full service from start to finish. A chipper can be used to chip the waste product. All the chip is sent away for use as biomass.

Please contact us for more information and options.

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Tree Sheer Photo
Tree Sheer Photo
Tree Sheer Photo

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